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Vietnam Agarwood Price (2020) and how to identify the best agarwood?

Natural Vietnam Agarwood – Price

Natural agarwood from Quang Nam province – Viet Nam. Very sweet and fragrant aroma typical agarwood, you can smell the aroma directly if your nose close to the Bracelet. Very rare and valuable. Fragrant with a lot of bubbling resin when burned. Gaharu (agarwood) Aquilaria Commonly found on the Viet Nam where have the best agarwood in the world. Original infection is not man-made natural fragrance. 

Kynam price ranges from 100,000 USD to 800,000 USD/kg or more. The rare white kynam is priceless because it is extremely rare. You must be very lucky to see the white kynam at hand, let alone to buy it. 

First grade Agarwood Price

Divided into many types A, B, C, D again, but generally, the sinking ( or underwater) agarwoood ranges from 20,000 USD to 100,000 USD

Between sinking  and sinking water agarwood (oud), there is a huge difference of price.  so many people have found ways to make agarwood heavier to submerge. For example: sand, stone, glue, clay, cement, lead … everything that can make a block of water submerged and difficult to detect.

However, agarwood often contains moisture (water) in the fibers. It is recommended to assess a sinking agarwood chunk, you need to let it dry completely. Buyers often throw the ouds on the floor to hear the echo of the block, if it is dry, you will hear a brittle and resonant sound.

It takes 2-3 years for agarwood chunks to dry completely. Then if you try to sink it, it will not sink completely.

Agarwood Grade 2-3-4-5

The price of agarwood (oud) depends on the content of oil, size and origin. 

The more oil, the more expensive, the price of agarwood grade 2-3-4 is from 1000 to 1000 USD to 20,000 USD.

Essential oil

Depending on the quality of the essential oil, purity, and concentration, the market price is about 20,000 USD per liter or more.

Agarwood essential oil must be pure and concentrated like honey. You can test by holding the bottle upside down to see if the velocity of the air bubbles is running fast or slow, if fast, the essential oil fails, and has been diluted. If it is slow, then it is good. 

To know exactly which types of agarwood that you fall into, you must determine what factors your agarwood falls into below.

4 factors that affect agarwood price

There are 4 factors to evaluate the agarwood and how it affects on agarwood price which are:


As a matter of fact, the origin is just the mediator to evaluate the main force on the aroma of agarwood.  Depending on the origin or in other words, the land where the agarwood tree grows, it will give different aroma.

Vietnamese agarwood are always high quality, ranked first in the value list of oud because of its sweet and strong aroma, followed by Cambodia, Malaisia, Indonesia, Laos, … Agarwood products are prevalent, but there are many countries with frankincense due to “difficult to exploit”, so it is less circulated).

In each country, there are areas with better quality and higher prices.

For example, in Vietnam, Nha Trang and Phu Yen agarwood will have higher prices than Quang Binh, Gia Lai (in the central of Vietnam) because different geographical locations will produce different agarwood with different smells.

In Malaysia, Brunei Island Agarwood is the best, followed by Sapah Island. Then Miri comes after.

In Indonesia, the sweetest Agarwood is Malinau, Tarakan, Kalimantan, Aceh, Papua. The least favourite is Ambum (the smell of this region is weak, but the oil looks good). The lightest weight is Maruke agarwood, also the cheapest, but in exchange it has quite a nice texture.

Content of Oil

The precious thing agarwood is the essential oil of oud, so any agarwood chunks contain more oil in it, the higher its value.

The higher density of oil contained in the wood, the easier it is to sink the wood. Agarwood is classified by its level of content of oil in the wood with different grades such as 1st grade, 2nd, 3th, 4th, 5th. 

The first-grade agarwood (type 1) contains a very high amount of essential oil, over 40%, which makes it sinks in the water. Sinking Vietnamese Agarwood is currently sold on the market for around 1 billion VND (about 50,000 VND) a kg. The larger chunks, the higher price. 

Volume of resin

An important factor in the price of agarwood is the resin volume of the oud. 

The larger &  denser oud, the higher value. The reason is that we it can be easier to craft many things as we want with a large block of agarwood, for example making natural blocks of agarwood or agarwood statues, followed by making frankincense bracelets, frankincense beads. , or molding other types of jewelry. 

The thin, tiny ouds are mostly used as medicine, grinded to make incense, agarwood powder or used to distill essential oil.

Scent of oud 

Honestly, precious frankincense is due to its very scent. In Asian countries such as China, Taiwan and Japan they view the scent of agarwood as a taste of life, helping to relax, reduce stress and serve as a spiritual bridge between people and their superiors.

In the Middle East countries, agarwood is considered as the best natural perfume, the scent of it is inhaled and absorbed into clothes, body, or burned for rituals …

So the better the smell, the more fragrant, the longer aroma remains, the higher value. That’s why Vietnamese agarwood prices are many times those of Indonesia or Malaysia. 

When you grasp the factors that you share above, then surely a part of you can shape your question how much incense is. Like diamonds or gems, they have no specific price, the price can be extended depending on its constituent factors.

For those who are interested in buying Vietnam Agarwood from TH Oud Vietnam, we encourage you to buy the samples (free sample of 5g) to test the scent, the quality of our ouds before buying the large quantity. 

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