(Agarwood) Sanai Merauke Gaharu Chips

Agarwood or known as sanai, maroki (merauke) -Industrial Agarwood
Sanai agarwood is made from aquilaria tree (agarwood tree) material and agarwood resin.

Min Order: 150kg

Package & Delivery

Package Carton box
Min order quantity 100 kg
Shipping  Air cargo
Delivery time 10-15 days after payment

Payment method

100% T/T in advance

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Agarwood or known as sanai, maroke (merauke) -Industrial Agarwood
Sanai Agarwood Vietnam is a product of TH Oud Vietnam. Sanai agarwood is made from aquilaria tree (agarwood tree with the age from 15-20 years) and agarwood resin. The scent is earthy, herbal, and deep. Under the high pressure, the ouds has been bathed in resin or had resin injected into the wood. The resin has soaked its way throughout all the wood. The Sanai oud chips are popular in the Middle East in areas such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai where people like to have sessions twice a day or more. Burning Wild Agarwood in these places is reserved for the rich, weddings and special occasions only.

We can customize the shape & size of the Sanai per your request.

Min Order: 150kg


TH Oud Vietnam
TH Oud Vietnam is the leading supplier for agarwood (oud) with 100% from Vietnam jungles. We are offering a wide range of ouds with top-notch quality from oud chips, oud chunks, oil, incense and powder at the best price.
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Shipping worldwide via DHL, Air cargo
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