Agarwood Powder

Post-distilled agarwood powder dust is the by-product after distillation oil process. It still contains an amount of agarwood resin

Agarwood dust made absolutely in Vietnam, free of toxic chemicals or artificial color. We can be a stable supplier for partners who are interested in Vietnamese agarwood.

Post-distilled agarwood dust is the by-product of the oil extraction process. The oil cannot be totally taken out of the original powder, it still remains there.  Thus, when burning powder, you will feel a warm, earthy aroma of pure agarwood.

Agarwood dust is made from pure agarwood, which has been collected from over 8-year old aquilaria crassna trees… No fragrance is added to strengthen the scent of the wood, so the smell is natural and soft at room temperature.

Agarwood scent can release stress, banish miasma, and generate elegant space.

This agarwood powder can be grinded to make incense sticks, incense cones, and bakhoor for religious events or giving rooms exotic seducing smell. Agarwood powder is considered not only a natural scent, but also a symbol of gods and fortune.

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